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Robert Gmeiner, Ph.D.

Methodist University   Fayetteville, North Carolina
Department of Financial Economics | Reeves School of Business

I am an assistant professor of economics at Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  Before that, I am a Christ follower and family man.  As a professor, I am first a teacher, then a researcher.  ... and no, that's not an excuse to slack off the research - you can read it all here.


Current Research

My research is an eclectic mix of complementary ideas.  It has drawn on ideas from public choice, economic growth and technical innovation, international trade, and financial macroeconomics.  I have recently completed work on the interaction of fiscal and monetary policy in causing inflation, offering a near-perfect prediction of the inflation experienced in 2022.  With a fondness for interdisciplinary work, I have used models from the natural sciences to highlight the effects on economic growth of excessive debt and transactions for financial assets, and I have used a similar approach to explain aspects of group decision making.  Linking public choice and international trade, I wrote a book on the risks to free Western institutions from trade with China. I have published articles on topics pertaining to economic regulation, entrepreneurship, and the political influence of special interests and term limits.  See my research page for more.

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Teaching is delightful, whether at a small liberal arts college or a lecture hall at a massive state university, and I've done both!  Ranging from introductory level to senior capstones, I've developed and taught a fascinating variety of classes.

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