Robert Gmeiner, Ph.D.

Methodist University   Fayetteville, North Carolina
Department of Financial Economics | Reeves School of Business

I am an assistant professor of economics at Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  My research is at the intersection of public choice and international trade, and I currently teach several economics courses and business statistics.


Current Research

Much of my research is on the line between public choice and international trade, with a major project using models from the natural sciences to highlight the effects on economic growth of excessive debt and transactions for financial assets.  These models inform my current international trade research.  I have also done work on the effect on domestic innovation of protecting intellectual property owned by foreigners.  I recently completed a book on the threats to Western institutions that result from trade with China.  I have published articles on topics pertaining to economic regulation, entrepreneurship, and the political influence of special interests and term limits.  See my research page for more.

Image by Changbok Ko


For the fall of 2022, I am teaching principles of microeconomics, intermediate microeconomics, and business statistics