Robert Gmeiner, Ph.D.

Kennesaw State University near Atlanta, Georgia
Department of Economics, Finance, and Quantitative Analysis

I am a visiting assistant professor of economics at Kennesaw State University and an external scholar at The Sunwater Institute.  My research is at the intersection of public choice and international trade, and I currently teach several economics courses and business statistics.

Current Research

I have research in progress on the effect of protecting intellectual property owned by foreigners on domestic innovation, the role of free markets in knowledge creation, and potential institutional degeneration resulting from trade with less free countries.  At the present time, I am writing a book on the threats to western institutions as a result of trade with China.  I have early stage work using models from the natural sciences to highlight the perils for economic growth resulting from excessive debt and regulation. I have published articles on topics pertaining to economic regulation, entrepreneurship, and the political influence of special interests and term limits.  See my research page for more.


For the summer 2020 semester, I am teaching Contemporary Economic Issues.  In the fall, I will be teaching principles of macroeconomics and business statistics.  See my teaching page for more information.

Thoughts and Views

Read commentaries I have written for this site, The Sunwater Institute, and the Bagwell Center for the Study of Markets and Economic Opportunity at Kennesaw State University.

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