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Current Work

Minimum Wage Compliance and Employment with Michael Gmeiner

Free Riding on the Surplus of Trade: China, the WTO, and Western Acquiescence (forthcoming book chapter)

Research Diversity, Disruptive Science, and Scientific

The Dynamics of Dominance and Compromise


How Trade with China Threatens Western Institutions: The Economic Roots of a Political Crisis. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2021

ISBN: 978-3-030-74708-4    

Academic Articles

The Fiscal Transmission Mechanism of Inflation(with Sven Larson) American Business Review, forthcoming

Artificial Intelligence and Economic Planning” (with Mario Harper) AI & Society, forthcoming

The Chemistry of the MacroeconomyJournal of Business Cycle Research 18(3):289-313 (November 2022)

Regulation Enforcement” (with Michael Gmeiner) Journal of Labor Research 43(2):163-202 (June 2022)


Encouraging Domestic Innovation by Protecting Foreign IP” (with Michael Gmeiner) International Review of Law and Economics 67 10600 (September 2021)

Central Place Theory and Tax Revenue from TourismJournal of Public Finance and Public Choice 36(1):87–111 (April 2021)

Amimetic Assets and Persistent Profits under CompetitionReview of Austrian Economics 34(2):243–277 (June 2021)

International Free Riding on InstitutionsEconomic Affairs 41(1):123–140 (February 2021)

Regulatory Capture in the U.S. Petroleum Refining Industry Journal of Industrial and Business Economics 46(4):459–498 (December 2019)


Innovation, Theft, and Market StructureAtlantic Economic Journal 47(4):243–260 (September 2019)

Term Limits and State Budgets” (with Randall Holcombe), Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice 34(1):21–36 (April 2019)


Interest Group Support for Non-Group Issues” (with Randall Holcombe), Constitutional Political Economy 29(3):303–316 (September 2018)

Contributions to Edited Volumes

Income Tax Evasion Prior to Withholding (with Dr. Randall Holcombe) in Joshua Hall and Bryan Khoo, eds., Essays on Government Growth: Political Institutions, Evolving Markets, and Technology, Springer, 2020, part of the Studies in Public Choice series

Book Reviews

The End of the World Is Just the Beginning: Mapping the Collapse of Globalization

Reviewed for The Independent Review 27(4) (Spring 2023)

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