"Interest Group Support for Non-Group Issues" (with Dr. Randall Holcombe)

Constitutional Political Economy  29(3):303-316  (September 2018)

"Term Limits and State Budgets" (with Dr. Randall Holcombe)

Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice 34(1):21-36 (April 2019)

"Innovation, Theft, and Market Structure"

Atlantic Economic Journal 47(4):243-260 (September 2019)

"Regulatory Capture in the U.S. Petroleum Refining Industry"

Journal of Industrial and Business Economics 46(4):459-498 (December 2019)

"Amimetic Assets and Persistent Profits under Competition"

Review of Austrian Economics, forthcoming

"Central Place Theory and Tax Revenue from Tourism"

Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice, forthcoming

Submitted Papers

"Encouraging Domestic Innovation by Protecting Foreign IP"

with Dr. Michael Gmeiner

"International Free Riding on Institutions"

Current Work

How Trade with China Threatens Western Institutions

(book under contract)

"Artificial Intelligence and Economic Calculation" (with Dr. Mario Harper)

"The Chemistry of the Macroeconomy"     (a macroeconomic model based on chemistry equations)

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